Travel 101 (Part 1): Visa

December 05, 2015 Wing Ng 0 Comments

Traveling is simpler than you would imagine, follow a few simple steps for the necessities and you're set!
1.  Visa Requirement
2.  Transportation
3.  Accomodation
For most travels these are easy information to obtain with a tiny bit of research (thanks to almighty internet).
1.  Visa Requirement
 A Visa is permission to enter, leave, stay, or work in a country legally.  These can be obtained through ambassies as well as online depending on the country you are travelling to, the purpose and duration of your travels, and your citizenship status.
Here are some common types of visas.
1. Tourist Visa
  • Allows short term stay often without permission to work or study.
  • requirements differ by applicant country of citizenship, sometimes there are no need for an applied visa for stays up to 6 months.
2. Student Visa
  •  Allows study in qualified institutions and stay for the duration of your studies.  Often restricts work status.
  • requirements vary depending on the field of study, institution applied, and applicant country of citizenship.
3. Working Visa-
  •   Allows work that is sometimes restricted to specific fields of expertise.
  • requirements differ depending on field of expertise, host country's economic and political situation, and applicant country of citizenship.
 4. Working Holiday Visa-
  • Travel and work permitted for specific durations (often one year).
  • This visa is created to boost the host country's economy by boosting tourism as well as attracting short term young labor force enter the country.
  • age requirements ranging from 18-25, 18-30, etc.
 Check for your qualifications to see which visa is for you.
Example of a search for the visa that is right for you:
 search: "working holiday visa australia for us citizens"
  •  Look for the information you need only on government sites, other sites can have outdated or simply false information.  Anything ending with ".gov" is a safe bet.
  •   Dont spend money on a middle man to do something you can do online within half an hour. Do it yourself!