The Otway Forest Part 1 Stevensons Falls

December 05, 2015 Wing Ng 0 Comments

We are absolutely delighted with our recent purchase of Serenity Jr., our shiny 2001 Honda CR-V, and have decorated her to our heart's desire for a mobile safe haven.  Now, it's time to give her a little test on the road.
We headed on a second trip down the Great Ocean Road, but this time, we're deciding our destinations as we go.  It's ADVENTURE TIME!!!
Our first stop is Stevenson's Falls in the Otway Forest.  We took the Princes Highway (M1) to Cape Otway Rd/C135 then Birregurra-Forrest Rd before getting into the forest.  (A simple google maps search will take you to exactly where you need to be ;] )  The road from the city to the mountains was scenic with lots of moo-ing action from cattle scattered all around.  While we made our way into the woods the towering trees brought us to a different world.  Coming from Southern California desserts, the forest held almost an eerie feel.  We got a bit lost on the road but eventually found the campgrounds.
We arrived at the end of sunset and got our bedding set up in the back of the SUV by nightfall.  The camp site is free and well kept, with two toilet stalls, picnic table/ benches, fire pits with grill top, rainwater faucets scattered throughout camp, and stakes to mark out flattened areas ideal for camp. As the sun set behind the mountains, we dined in the candle light with the remains of our Red Rooster chicken from lunch.  The rest of the night felt just absolutely magical.  On this moonless night, the stars cast over us in a tight-knit blanket, the fresh scent of the grass and the sound of the river soothed our senses.  Cleansed by nature, we fell asleep with ease that night.
When the sun rose again, Chris stepped out into the remaining morning mist to be greeted with a frightened kangaroo.  On his account, the two startled each other equally. As the duo engaged in a stare down, deciding on what action to take, Chris drew his "gun" (his phone camera to capture the moment) and the kangaroo took its move simultaneously and hoppidie-hopped away.

We tidied up soon after and chatted with a fellow Australian teen travelling south from Sydney with a group of friends to learn about platypus sighting in nearby Lake Elizabeth.  We proceeded with our plans to hike up the trail at the other end of camp, leading to the falls.
The hike was like a little stroll into what I would imagine to be the perfect location for smurf settlement.  An abundance of little mushrooms and mossy pebbles highlighted our path.
Although we were informed that the recent drought took away a bit of its roar, the waterfall maintained its magnificence.  Wild blackberries sprawl all around, glistening in the sprays from the fall.  We collected a handful back to camp, the crisp tangy sweetness from these gems were simply unforgettable.

At this point, we put our exploration of the rain forest on a pause while we headed down to Apollo bay and the twelve apostles.  After our adventures along the coast we will traverse back to the embrace of this beautiful rain forest.