The Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park

December 05, 2015 Wing Ng 1 Comments

After our night in Apollo Bay we headed Westward onto The Great Ocean Road to grasp a grand view of the Twelve Apostles, a series of limestone pillars shaped by constant beating of tides and waves.  On our way there we stumbled upon The Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park in Princetown, yet another gem to mark on our map.
Entry to the park is only $17 AUD per adult.  The park is much larger than you would expect, judging from the entrance.  As we entered the park we were greeted by its feathery host with a high pitched "hello".  Wooden signs guilded us safely to the various sections of the park.
The variety of animals available is astounding for a small private owned park.  Within their petting zone alone there are wallabies, kangaroos, emus, deers, lama, peacock. Most places would charge extra for any sort of petting and feeding with animals, but this place does not impose any extra cost.  The people who have built this park truly cared for the wellbeings of the animals, most animals are allowed to roam free in the park.  The only animals that I recall being caged are the dingos, but that is simply due to the carnivorous nature of these animals which could pose a threat to the other residents in the park.  These dingos are domesticated and were raised on the property.  Instead of commodification of these animals, The Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park embodies the values these precious lives provide.
The only dissapointment is that we were unable to see any koalas.  The owners of the park have applied for hosting koalas in the park but have been denied.  While we are dissapointed at the fact, news everywhere is suggesting that the government is culling koalas due to overpopulation in certain areas.  The logic imposed makes little sense to us, but I guess every government is flawed and inefficient one way or another.
I highly suggest a visit to this park for a great intimate experience with the animals and to show some support to the works this park is endeavoring to accomplish.
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